Vision for Life
The Vision Outline for the Clifton CCRST. "In 2008 we felt the need for a new vision as to what the Holy Spirit was leading us to do on behalf of the Clifton Diocese..."

Ancient Wisdom for a Contemporary Christian Community

Dominic Meigh, Head Steward at New Dawn and oblate of Quarr Abbey, explores the relevance of the Rule of St Benedict to Charismatic groups and communities. As published in Good News, March/April 08. Dominic Meigh is part of the group in Cheltenham. "The Church has 2000 years of experience of Christian community living. We need to learn the lessons of the past and discern what is still relevant. Why re-invent the wheel?"

Spiritual Direction
Wendy Brooke talks about the nature of Spiritual Direction, and her experiences with her own director. With information about how to find a spiritual director with the Spiritual Direction Network. "For me personally, it means rest and refreshment for the soul.  It can also be inspirational on the journey towards God.  It nourishes, sustains, reveals and strengthens that relationship which is between the Creator and his creature.  It is not a “quick fix” solution to problems, but a sustainer for the whole of life, as a check and balance on what goes on within.  Over all is a love, which knows no bounds or end."    ...

The Taunton Prayer Group
Jan Knight talks about "The Heart Community" which celebrated it's 30th Anniversary this year. "This group was started for those who wished to make a deeper commitment to one another, to pray for one another daily and to help one another in practical ways as need arose."   ...


There follows some articles written by members of the DST and associates of the Renewal in the Clifton Diocese, which may be of interest to you. Click the titles to be taken to the full article.

How Spiritual Direction Helps
Matthew Devlin continues to explore Spiritual Direction, for him personally and for everyone. With information about how to find a spiritual director with the Spiritual Direction Network. "Our spirituality is not something apart from the rest of our life, but it is at its centre – our essence."