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Worship, Teaching & Mass for Pentecost

Saturday 14th May 2016

With Derek Williams

11.00 for coffee
11.30 Opening Talk
14-00 Second Session
16.00 Healing Ministry
17.00 Tea/ coffee break
17.45 Parish Vigil Mass for Pentecost
(Sunday Mass)
18.45 SUPPER*
19.30 evening workshop on
charismatic gifts of the Holy Spirit
21.00 End of Day
* Please bring your own or contact/ visit local food outlets

St Bernadette's Catholic Church,
731 Wells Road
Whitchurch, BRISTOL. BS14 9HU

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Previous Day of Renewal - Jan 2016 - Report

“Laudato Si” by Carmody Grey – Holy Cross Primary School, Swindon 23rd January 2016

Nearly 100 adults and children attended Carmody Grey’s talks on Laudato Si at Holy Cross Primary School, Swindon on Saturday 23rd January. Over two talks, Carmody explained how Pope Francis was reminding us of the theology of Creation which has been somewhat forgotten in recent times. He challenges the accepted belief that things can only get better. This is especially true with technology which does not always bring about change for the better.

There were a number of striking comments made about today’s world. One is that of all the poor, the planet Earth is one of the poorest. Who cares for the Earth?

Another was that the “common good” extends to all and not just to humans. We were reminded that throughout Scripture, for example in St Mark’s gospel, Jesus commanded the disciples to “preach the gospel to the whole of creation” and this encompasses all living things, not just mankind.

We were challenged on the choices we make when spending money and buying food. Carmody said: “We don’t expect to drink champagne every day, why do we expect to eat meat every day?” Do we understand the true cost of meat production in terms of animal husbandry and of the suffering of intensive farming?

Over the day, we gained both an understanding of and the challenge which we face in order to cooperate with our loving God's plans to 'make all things new':

“Yet all is not lost. Human beings, while capable of the worst, are also capable of rising above themselves and choosing again what is good” (Laudato Si P 205)

There was an opportunity to reflect in small groups on what we had heard. After the second talk, there was a period of silent adoration of the Blessed Sacrament followed by a time of prayer and healing ministry. The day ended with Benediction with Fr Dominic Findlay-Wilson who also offered the sacrament of reconciliation.

Children of primary school age had their own sessions on creation and understanding the beauty of the universe.

We were certainly given something to think about.

Clifton Catholic Charismatic Renewal Team

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Previous Day of Renewal - Sept 2015

Salisbury’s Day of Renewal - Report

Clifton Catholic Charismatic Renewal Team (CCCRT)’s Day of Renewal was held on Saturday 12th September at St Gregory’s, Salisbury. The team was welcomed to Salisbury by the parish priest, Canon Michael Fitzpatrick and two deacons, John Proctor and John Detain. The day began with Mass, celebrated by Fr Matt Anscombe, in St Gregory’s Church. There was a powerful time of Prayer and Praise led by Tony Wadley and his team of talented musicians leading into Fr Matt Anscombe’s talk “What is Pope Francis saying to the Church?”

Fr Matt, spoke about what Pope Francis had said to him and over 1,000 other priests from 89 countries in St John Lateran Basilica in Rome, at the third worldwide Priests' retreat earlier this year.
Fr Matt observed how much Pope Francis says without using words. From the Pope’s warm smile, when he first greeted the crowd in St Peter’s and asked for their prayers, to the many signs of humility that we have seen. These have included the Pope’s wish to live in a simple flat, travel in basic cars, and even recycle his glasses frames with new lenses. Additionally the Pope’s embracing a much disfigured man, his opening of the wash rooms of the Vatican to the homeless and his accommodating refugees speak louder than any words about following Christ.

Pope Francis was quoted as saying how we must fall in love with Jesus. Can we go to the tabernacle when we are tired, tempted and overwhelmed? Do we know Him and have we fallen in love with Him? Interestingly the Pope said that unless a student for the priesthood can say yes to this he should delay being ordained. The Pope spoke with great emphasis on how love is the primary motivation for evangelisation and how if we don’t feel that love and are not joyful, people will know. God wants us to live a new life in the Spirit. Pope Francis has told the Renewal movement to take Baptism in the Holy Spirit to all Catholics. This is an opening up to the graces of the Holy Spirit so that faith becomes more relevant and dynamic. Pope Francis encourages the use of ‘Life in the Spirit’ seminars which help people to encounter Jesus, change their lives and be open to the Holy Spirit.

The Holy Spirit enables us to speak of the love of Jesus. We are called to proclaim the essential message: that Jesus is Lord, bringing healing, wholeness and inclusion to a broken world. We are called to speak of this good news of the Kingdom. The ordinary Christian does not know details of the differences between Christian denominations. We are reminded that ‘we are already one in the blood of the martyrs’. When Pope Paul beatified the Ugandan martyrs in his visit to Uganda he said he also could not fail to mention of the Ugandan Anglican martyrs, who had also died for the Lord.

Pope Francis spoke out against discrimination. He was strongly against the refusal of a priest to baptise a child, simply because the child’s mother was unmarried. He said we should not judge and that people must feel that the ‘Church is Mother’

Following Fr Matt’s talk the day continued with exposition of the Blessed Sacrament then a discussion on questions from the talk. The day concluded with an opportunity to receive individual prayer.
(John Fenlon CCCRT)


Previous Day of Renewal - 7th Feb

We had a great day with Fr Richard...



Previous day of Renewal - 29th March...

A Nice Problem To Have

The Day of Renewal at Clifton Cathedral on Saturday 29th March started with the participants joining with the regular parish mass. So many turned up that the mass had to be moved to the Cathedral’s main altar rather than the usual location of the Blessed Sacrament Chapel. Later, the Apostle Room was filled to capacity – a nice problem to have.

The day’s theme was Mission and the two speakers were Fr. Richard McKay and Sheena Tranter. Their talks emphasised that mission is an essential element of Renewal in the Church. Fr Richard thought that if Renewal is merely a form or style of prayer and worship, it is a complete misunderstanding of what the Holy Spirit intends. Renewal involves making a real difference to both us as individuals and the wider world. It involves having a heart for the poor. Fr Richard saw clear signs of hope for the Church in the teaching of Pope Francis in Evangelii Gaudium “Joy of the Gospel”. Fr. Richard thinks that there are new indications that some of the hopes of Vatican II may at last be starting to emerge. Sheena Trantor’s shared some of the hopeful signs of Renewal and exercise of mission, with examples of what is happening in Bristol. Inter church co-operation is increasing with Christian leaders working together in a range of fields including the Arts, Business, Politics, Education & Sports. Sheena shared some of her vision for the church in Bristol. She spoke of the gathering of churches at Bristol City’s football stadium and how the leadership of the churches and the different fields of our wider society prayed for forgiveness for past wrongs and dedicated themselves to work together for the common good. This was followed more recently by a common Pentecost witness at Castle Park in Bristol and noted that Bristol’s award of European Green Capital 2015 has given an opportunity for many of the same Christian Leaders to integrate Christianity within a largely secular agenda.

The day’s programme ended with the opportunity for individual prayer. The day's music ministry was headed by Tony Wadley and his team of musicians and singers. For the first time at a Renewal Day, Children were catered for with streams in a similar way to Celebrate: although not many children attended this time it is to be hoped that providing this facility will encourage more young families to attend in future.