A Nice Problem To Have

The Day of Renewal at Clifton Cathedral on Saturday 29th March started with the participants joining with the regular parish mass. So many turned up that the mass had to be moved to the Cathedral’s main altar rather than the usual location of the Blessed Sacrament Chapel. Later, the Apostle Room was filled to capacity – a nice problem to have.

The day’s theme was Mission and the two speakers were Fr. Richard McKay and Sheena Tranter. Their talks emphasised that mission is an essential element of Renewal in the Church. Fr Richard thought that if Renewal is merely a form or style of prayer and worship, it is a complete misunderstanding of what the Holy Spirit intends. Renewal involves making a real difference to both us as individuals and the wider world. It involves having a heart for the poor. Fr Richard saw clear signs of hope for the Church in the teaching of Pope Francis in Evangelii Gaudium “Joy of the Gospel”. Fr. Richard thinks that there are new indications that some of the hopes of Vatican II may at last be starting to emerge. Sheena Trantor’s shared some of the hopeful signs of Renewal and exercise of mission, with examples of what is happening in Bristol. Inter church co-operation is increasing with Christian leaders working together in a range of fields including the Arts, Business, Politics, Education & Sports. Sheena shared some of her vision for the church in Bristol. She spoke of the gathering of churches at Bristol City’s football stadium and how the leadership of the churches and the different fields of our wider society prayed for forgiveness for past wrongs and dedicated themselves to work together for the common good. This was followed more recently by a common Pentecost witness at Castle Park in Bristol and noted that Bristol’s award of European Green Capital 2015 has given an opportunity for many of the same Christian Leaders to integrate Christianity within a largely secular agenda.
The day’s programme ended with the opportunity for individual prayer. The day's music ministry was headed by Tony Wadley and his team of musicians and singers. For the first time at a Renewal Day, Children were catered for with streams in a similar way to Celebrate: although not many children attended this time it is to be hoped that providing this facility will encourage more young families to attend in future.

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